Who Is In Control?

Top of the day, fellow Pilgrims. I pray that God will order your steps. May your life overflow with His goodness.
My question to you this morning is," Who is in control?" As simple as this question may appear to be, we all need a great deal of time to pause and answer it. I am sure of varied answers from my readers and reasons for this are not farfetched. The answers from individuals are a reflection of how we see and live our lives.
For the purpose of this write up ,it is an illusion for anyone to feel that man is in control. These feeling of being in control or being in charge are usually is usually very strong that we hardly consult either with the word of God or pray to get direction from God. We often take journeys in life, unmindful of what God is saying or what He wants done. This may sound an extremist idea to some, but let's see what the word of God has to say on this.
The writer in the book of Proverb 19 verse 21 says that "there are many plans in a man's heart, nevertheless the Lord's counsel- that will stand. Here we see in contrast to the will of man, the supreme authority of God over all things. His sovereignty in display cannot be questioned. It is a hard for anyone to kick against the determinate will, purpose or counsel of God and succeed in life.
These feelings of being control is very strong when there is a measure of success in life, shoulders suddenly go high. With the measure of success in life, men are tempted to say "My power and the strength of my hands have produced this wealth for me"( Deut.8:17). Our attitude and disposition to others in life often reveals this in us, even though we may not say it by words of mouth.
In the word of Ernest Becker, " man will use the power of money, or a string of sexual conquests, or relationship with important people, or a prestigious job, or his ability to learn , to make him feel that "he controls his life and death"
In reality we are fundamentally dishonest if this is our feeling. We are not in control, God is in control. We owe our lives to Him. He can kill and make alive, there is none beside Him" (Deut.32:39)
On the verge of entering into the Promised Land, Moses warned the children of Israel against these feeling of being in control. He said to them "But remember the Lord your God it is He who gives you ability to produce wealth"(Deut.8:18)
Your life is like a gift to you, it does not belong to you –it belongs to God. We need to take our lives back to Him and lay it at His feet and let Him be in control. We must be willing to surrender all to Him. We must allow God mastery over our lives.
We need to surrender and give Him control over our lives because God is good. Surrendering to God opens us to God's blessing.
You are a creature and not the creator.
Memory Verse:
"There are many devises in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand (Proverb 19:21)
Prayer: I give my life to you so you can use me for your glory.
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